How Social Media Changed The Real Estate Game Forever  

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A couple decades ago a potential homebuyer would first need to visit a real estate office to begin their home search and if they were moving out of state they had to travel there. When the internet came along, realtors were able to email over properties from anywhere to view from the comfort of their home computer. Today, buyers are finding properties themselves via thousands of real estate websites and a broad range of media platforms These changes are well known by anyone who’s gone through the homebuying process and found it much easier to search online rather than wait for their agent to send them links to homes they think fit the buyer's criteria. What's just now becoming popular for sellers is the " For Sale By Owner" route where there is no need to pay so much of their profit to someone else. Most sellers will find that it's easy for buyers to search online for a home to purchase but, not as simple for them to sell one. This too has started a trend of change with new innovative companies such as REDBO.COM. These companies are gaining traction with their positive impact by taking the place of one of the most important jobs that a realtor is compensated for and that’s "The Marketing"!

Homeowners are realizing now that they can pay a marketing company directly for only a small fraction of what a realtor would cost them to sell. Some marketing companies such as REDBO.COM and even offer free listing options for FSBOs. Add-on premium services are also available which close the gap between what a marketing company can offer vs a real estate agent. Please note that only a licensed real estate professional can sell your home, but sellers are finding that most homes simply don’t require salespeople. Homes Can Sell Themselves! Sellers are gaining even more exposure by marketing these homes online for free or for as little as a few hundred dollars in premium marketing services. Please note, REDBO does recommend that home sellers leverage their real estate attorneys to handle the contracts, negotiating and closings.

What role does Social Media play? People have hundreds if not thousands of connections on social media. Homeowners are finding great success with sharing their own home listings online within their social networks. For example, REDBO professionally prepares and supplies a selection of social media posts that can quickly be copied and pasted into any platform. Additionally, these marketing companies share your listings within their own social media networks and the overall results are an increase of exposure that has recently surpassed the standard realtor’s marketing efforts. The results have now become more marketing exposure, at a much lower cost and an overall higher net profit for FSBOs.

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